Q&A | Ezpeazey Quality Watches and Accessories at Affordable Prices

"Why should I consider buying from you?"

We provide the latest and most luxurious collections of premium quality jewelry, and accessories at great values. Our focus has always been to help others. We care more about your satisfaction than profit. The products we offer are targeted to add a style to your image and personality that will build your confidence in an intriguing way.

"What is this website about?"

Ezpeazey is a brand that is focused on delivering exclusive high quality, fashion and luxury merchandise. We strive to look for the best products from several vendors within the US, Europe and Asia. All products in this store are approved by our strict standards. Each collection offers an array of products that will turn heads and sure to add personality to your attire, wardrobe, and jewelry box.

"Is making transactions online safe?"

It's 100% safe. We do not have access to your payment details and have partnered with PayPal to create other safe alternatives as well. All payments are processed by an authorized payment processor with proof of purchase included. Here's a link to our verification certificate by McAfee HERE.

"When are my products going to arrive?"

We ship from multiple warehouses so please allow up to 2-4 weeks at the absolute latest for any products that may ship from international warehouses. Please note that the shipping time varies due to the high demand and location. We stay communicated with you as it's in the shipping process.

"Where are my products arriving from?"

We source our products from multiple vendors ranging from the US, Asia and Europe - which gives us the opportunity to offer wholesale prices, with a constant changing variety of new releases for the highest quality materials and design.

"What is the purpose of your Platinum Rewards?"

The purpose in creating our Platinum Rewards program is designed specifically for our customers. We are more interested in your satisfaction than we are profit. This creates an even cheaper alternative for our repeat customers and allows a way for us to give back to show our gratitude. You may redeem these rewards on any given purchase at any time since no expiration date is attached.

"What exactly is the "catch" with FREE watches?"

Instead of paying for the traditional way of advertising to create engagement and direct sales, we're using that budget instead to simply cover the costs of the watches and offer them for free (for only a limited time, of course). By doing this it will create word of mouth advertising, which is much more powerful than the traditional way of advertising.

"How are you confident I'll be happy with my purchase?"

We believe in serving our customers with world class service as it is our responsibility to ensure satisfaction. We actively strive to be the best online store with the most stylish and affordable products to offer.

"Are their any hidden charges?"

There are no hidden charges. We have built this store to satisfy others. Hidden charges won't do that. Safety and satisfaction is important to us just as it is to you.

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