5 Reasons Why a Watch Builds Confidence

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5 Reasons You Must Own A Watch | Ezpeazey.com

Fashion and style isn't the only reason you should be wearing a watch! We decided to dig deep in this category. As professionals in this field, we wanted others to be able to see the true value and benefits behind them. So for the past week we have been compiling a list of reasons to throw together for you.


 1. Shows Character in Job Interviews

It's critical to create a positive and professional image on yourself during an interview (we all know that). By wearing a watch it gives yourself the ultimate advantage as a finishing touch. It's important to show that time is valuable and you know how to manage it. Cell phones are convenient for time, but not to check it during an interview. It sets a bad image. The interviewer may think you're checking a text, which implies you get distracted easily.

According to Mark Horstman, cofounder of Manager Tools, suggests wearing a watch to an interview is a smart choice. Checking the time in the interview shows you can manage it professionally without distractions.


2. Watches are a MUST in Europe

If you're in Europe and intend on working for a larger company or organization, note that wearing a watch is just as important as wearing dress socks! Why? It justifies your image of a professional and demands respect from others nearby. It's a proper way to help you stick out from others and show that you mean business and your time is very valuable. It's also considered normal within that type of environment just as it is for many other countries.


3. Shows Personality With a Bold Statement

Some people prefer smartphone or another source of watching the time. However, it's no surprise that in this day and age technology has taken over the definition of distraction. If you're checking the time on your phone, more than likely you'll also catch up on a recent notification. But what does a watch accomplish? Every type of watch is an open book that says something about the owner that purchases it. Ever see someone walk pass you and notice their watch matches the outfit? It makes you stand out from the others and shows you go the extra mile. By doing so you will automatically display confidence.


4. Self Esteem

Studies show that the way you dress can have a major affect on your self esteem. The little things can say so much. It's a simple technique to follow, if you look good, you feel good. Wearing a watch based upon the color will overall display professionalism, fashion, and precision. We live in a world where not only do people judge others, but they also judge themselves based upon the way they look such as unorganized, sloppy, etc. One important thing to note, you are beautiful no matter what you look like. You deserve to give yourself the little things that will boost your confidence. A watch has been proven to do exactly that. here


 5. Multi-Task

One of the least thought about reason behind a watch is the power of multitasking. When it comes to this you're going to need a multi-functional smartwatch which you can get by clicking here to get the best deal. Have you ever felt good about yourself after accomplishing something? Studies show that having a task list or a next action list can create more of those feelings. The best way to achieve this feeling has been proven by simple multi-tasking. A smart watch does exactly that, but not everyone uses it to the full potential. The key is to rule out what your smart watch can do compared to your phone. Whatever little task or major such as communication, notepad, picture, etc. should be used with your Ezpeazey smart watch. Use the notes on your watch to go through your tasks and check off what you've completed. This will get you in the habit of relying on your smart watch to simply multi-task and build your confidence by doing so.



Now that you know this information, it's time to start applying it! Your confidence is extremely important and you deserve to have it. Now go out there and build your confidence ladies and gentleman! If you'd like to browse through our premium hand selected watches you can do so by clicking here to see both men and women styles.


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